Automatic PET Blowing Machine

High Speed & Energy Saving

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plastic bottle blowing machine

Suitabale for making 200ML~ 20L Bottles/Containers

Water bottles

Oil Bottles

Gallen Bottles

Wide Mouth Jars

PET Blowing Machine

High Speed Blow Molding Machine, speed can reach 7200-16000BPH

Our Advantage

Being Good Person,Making Good Machine.

National patent certificate
22 years of industry experience
Exported to 137 countries
Annual output of equipment
Plant area of 30,000 square meters

Why Us?

National patent

5 invention patents and 8 utility model patents,Blow molding machine products have been on the national TV station: CCTV2

industry experience

22 years of professional customization experience in PET blow molding machine machinery

Exported countries

Exported to 137 countries around the world, providing them with quality services

Equipment output

The annual output of equipment is 839 sets, and the equipment operates stably for 24 hours,Energy saving 39%-60%,Blow molding machine products have been on the national TV station: CCTV2

Plant area

Plant area 36650 square meters,The workshop is spacious and bright,Implement 6S management

after sales

R & D team of 35 people, after-sales team of 39 people, global service

Features Of Faygo PET Blowing Machine

Compact Exterior Design and Advanced System

Featuring a compact exterior design and an advanced system, this machine offers reduced space requirements, lower production costs, and improved competitiveness. Equipped with an advanced automatic operating system and a user-friendly control panel, it ensures simple and convenient operation.

Servo Motor Unit

Servo motors control all the movement, which is more reliable than air driven cylinder it also much simplifies the maintain and reduce the repair points. Faygo new generation PET blowing machine almost doubles the capacity and half-reduce the power consumption compared with the traditional blow molding machine

Easy To Change Mold

This PET bottle blowing machine adopts the excellent aluminum alloy material mainly, more anti-abrasion and more clean, the frame uses the doubled thickness than others to make sure this machine will have longer and better service performance

  1. Quick & convenient for mold changing, changing bottle mold only needs 20 minutes.
  2.  High process precision, the bottle clamp line pretty small, bottles design well shaped.
  3.  Fast heat dissipation and better bottle cooling effect, light weight easy to install and uninstall.
  4.  Surface hard anodized forming a hard protective layer on the mold surface, much wearable and improve the mold service life
  5.  Bottom mold seat and plate S136 stainless Iron

Semi PET Blowing Machine

Semi Automatic 3~ 5 Gallon Pet Water Bottle Blowing Machine

Injection Blow Molding Machine

PE, PP, PS, SAN, PMMA, PC, PETG  Injection Blow Molding Machines

3 in 1 Bottle Filling Machine

3 in 1 Bottle Blowing Filling Capping Machine,from 200ml-2000ml

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