3 in 1 Bottle Blowing Filling Capping Machine

This Automatic CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine is used to produce bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage and other non-gas Liquid.
This Machine can be applied to all kinds of plastic machine such as PET, PE. Bottles size can vary from 200ml-2000ml meanwhile few changeover is needed.


3 in 1 Bottle Blowing Filling Capping Machinedescription


Three-in-one blowing filling capping machines are popular in the beverage industry, particularly for the production of carbonated drinks. As they offer a streamlined and efficient process for producing and packaging large quantities of products. The integration of the three functions results in a continuous and automated production process, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing productivity.

The machine can be configured with different numbers of bottle filling nozzles to suit different production requirements, and different bottle sizes, shapes, and capacities can also be accommodated. The machine can be controlled by a programmable control system that monitors and controls the entire process. Enabling the operator to adjust and fine-tune different settings to optimize production efficiency and output.

This model of filling machine is designed for the low/middle capacity and small factory. It takes low buying cost, low water and electricity consumption and few space occupation into consideration at the beginning.
At the same time it can perfectly complete the function of washing, filling and capping. It improves the sanitary conditions and simplifies the maintenance compared with the last generation water filling machine.

Mold number(piece)446688
Max capacity(BPH)72008500960012000~1300001200015000-16000
Bottle specificationMax volume(ml)20002000200020002000750
Max height(mm)328328328328328300
Round bottle max diameter(mm)10510510510510575
Preform specificationSuitable inner bottle neck(mm)20-2520-2520-2520-2520-2520-25
Max preform length(mm)150150150150150150
ElectricityTotal installation power(kW)515174979797
Heating oven total power(kW)464669929292
Heating oven real power(kW)262640425048
Allowed voltage fluctuation range±10%±10%±10%±5%±10%±10%
Compressed airPressure(bar)303030303030
Air consumption(㎥/min)465.58~10710
Cooling waterMold waterPressure(bar)4~64~64~64~64~64~6
Temperature regulation range(℃)6~136~136~136~136~136~13
Flow rate(L/min)454545454545
Oven waterPressure(bar)4~64~64~64~64~64~6
Temperature regulation range(℃)6~136~136~136~136~136~13
Flow rate(L/min)222222452245
Machine specificationMachine dimension(m)(L*W*H)3.3*1*2.34.6*1.3*2.34.3*1*2.35.5*1.3*2.55.5*1.3*2.55.5*1.3*2.5
Machine weight(Kg)350045004500650065006500


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