YD-Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

YD series are variable pitch high speed energy-saving bottle blowing machine using servo motor. Same good quality but with a lower price. 6-cavity model, the stable production capacity of a single machine is up to 15000BPH (0.2L-0.75L)

YD series bottle blowing machine include Fully automatic and Semi-automatic blowing machine

YD-Automatic Bottle Blowing Machinedescription


 YD 6 cavity Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Yuda’s full servo variable pitch high-speed energy-saving one-out six-blowing machine has a stable production capacity of up to 15000BPH (0.2L-0.75L) for a single machine, and is compatible with 1.5L production capacity of 10000BPH; the equipment has set the blowing formula for different containers at the factory, and no manual adjustment is required. The corresponding formula can be switched at will according to the user’s different containers. The remote control system can be optionally equipped to better guarantee the after-sales timeliness. The PTO (servo-set modular system is adopted, which is efficient, energy-saving and stable. It is suitable for blowing light-weight containers.

  • Reasonable design and fully automatic control greatly reduce power consumption and manpower.
  • Infrared preheating heating box is used to preheat the tube blank.
  • The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, quick results, convenient and safe operation and maintenance.

Parameters of Automatic Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Mold number(piece)446688
Max capacity(BPH)72008500960012000~1300001200015000-16000
Bottle specificationMax volume(ml)20002000200020002000750
Max height(mm)328328328328328300
Round bottle max diameter(mm)10510510510510575
Preform specificationSuitable inner bottle neck(mm)20-2520-2520-2520-2520-2520-25
Max preform length(mm)150150150150150150
ElectricityTotal installation power(kW)515174979797
Heating oven total power(kW)464669929292
Heating oven real power(kW)262640425048
Allowed voltage fluctuation range±10%±10%±10%±5%±10%±10%
Compressed airPressure(bar)303030303030
Air consumption(㎥/min)465.58~10710
Cooling waterMold waterPressure(bar)4~64~64~64~64~64~6
Temperature regulation range(℃)6~136~136~136~136~136~13
Flow rate(L/min)454545454545
Oven waterPressure(bar)4~64~64~64~64~64~6
Temperature regulation range(℃)6~136~136~136~136~136~13
Flow rate(L/min)222222452245
Machine specificationMachine dimension(m)(L*W*H)3.3*1*2.34.6*1.3*2.34.3*1*2.35.5*1.3*2.55.5*1.3*2.55.5*1.3*2.5
Machine weight(Kg)350045004500650065006500


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