Introduction to Hollow Blow Molding Machines

Blow molding machines are used to manufacture hollow plastic products such as bottles, containers, and tanks. Among the different types of blow molding machines, the hollow blow molding machines are designed specifically for producing these types of hollow products. In this article, we will introduce the technology behind hollow blow molding machines and their applications in various industries.

Technology of Hollow Blow Molding Machines

Hollow blow molding machines use a process called extrusion blow molding, which involves melting plastic resin pellets and extruding them into a hollow tube, which is then blown into a mold to create the desired shape. The process requires the use of specialized equipment such as an extruder, a mold, and a blow molding machine. The process can be automated, making it suitable for high-volume production.

The Advantages of Hollow Blow Molding Machines

Hollow blow molding machines have several advantages over other types of blow molding machines:

Versatility: Hollow blow molding machines can produce a wide range of hollow plastic products of different sizes and shapes.

High Efficiency: The machines can produce hollow products at a high speed, with a production capacity of up to thousands of products per hour.

Cost-effective: Hollow blow molding machines require less energy and fewer raw materials to produce hollow products, resulting in lower production costs.

Customization: Hollow blow molding machines offer a high level of customization, allowing manufacturers to produce hollow products with customized logos and designs.

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